What we stand for?

We are true supporters of those who train to become the best version of themselves because staying fit is more than a workout.
It is a lifestyle.
Inspired for Crossfit athletes of all levels who seek comfort and style.

Starting out

Exxtrawod was founded in late 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as a way to express the passion of Crossfit through garment. Owner, Julie, wanted to create a line that would be proudly wore in and out of the box and that is how the first 3 t-shirts came to life. After that, friends and collegues shown interested and that kicked it off to what the brand is now.

Julie's personal journey and the brand

Starting Crossfit for Julie, Exxtrawod's owner, was more about health than about being fit. She was diagnosed with pre-diabetes at the age of 25 and her journey, that started as a "getting her life together" lead her to join a box. Starting Crossfit was super hard. Julie had lost all her muscle by working in an office full time for the previous 5 years and couldn't even do a proper squat. Her back was misaligned and pain was something she could feel everyday. Julie fell in love with the community right away. They all made every workout fun and enjoyable and made her forget about her weaknesses. After moving abroad, the same passion and vibes that surounded the discipline always stucked with her and lead her to join a box the same week she moved. That is in part how Exxtrawod was conceived, a brand for those who are getting stronger and fitter to have a better lifestyle.

The team