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We are happy you are here!

Welcome to Exxtrawod's ambassador program! Are a crossfit/fitness addict and a huge fan of our brand?

Then this program might be for you!


Do I qualify to be an ambassador? You do if...

-You love our brand as much as we do

-You are active in the social media and have more than 1000 followers.

-You practice sport/crossfit/fitness often

-You would be happy to represent us on any competition or events

-You would share or post pictures with gear of our brand.

Ok, I'm in! What do I get?

  • Free Welcome back with products from us
  • You get a 10% commission for each sale you bring (Pay through Paypal)
  • You get a personal discount code to share with your followers.
  • You will also get a discount code for your OWN purchases.
  • Official Exxtrawod ambassador status
  • Dashboard where you can check your statistics and profit


How do I apply?

Send us an email to and let us know why you would like to become part of the tribe. We will answer if you qualify to be an ambassador or not! 


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