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      We are specialized in training apparel and accesories for workouts and every day life.
      Inspired for Crossfit athletes of all levels who seek comfort and style.

      What we stand for?
      We are true supporters of those who train to become the best version of themselves because staying fit is more than a workout. It is a lifestyle.


      -Behind the brand-
      Julie (Owner)

      Hi! I'm Julie, a girl who is still trying to get some unbroken strict pull ups with no much help of her skinny T-rex arms. Haha!
      I've been doing Crossfit for 3.5+ years.
      Starting Crossfit was hard AF! I'm dead serious, I had lost all my muscle by working in an office full time for the previous 5 years and couldn't even do a proper squat. My back was misaligned and pain was something I could feel everyday.
      I fell in love with the community right away. They all made every workout fun and enjoyable and made me forget about my weaknesses. After moving abroad, the same passion and vibes that surounded the discipline always stucked with me and lead me to join a box the same week I moved.
      That is in part how Exxtrawod was conceived, a brand for those who are getting stronger and fitter to have a better lifestyle.
      Today I would also like to use this space to thank all my coaches for all the patience and effort to make me overcome this phase and help me "Become the best version of myself".

      Thank you all!


      Lulu (Fashion producer)

      In charge of the baddass Exxtrawod Photoshoots, always puting her eye on details! Passionate about calisthenics and functional training.

      Collaborators, advisers, friends and emotional support
      I can't thank them enough for being there while all this process started.